DigitalPlatforms meets Nato

“DP in Brussels because it has become as Certified Tempest Manufacturer…..”

DP’s team, DigitalPlatforms SpA

DigitalPlatforms meets Nato

DigitalPlatforms met with NATO, in order to organize, with the Italian network present in Brussels, a more concrete and constant presence of the Group. The reason is related to the recent recognition of DP as a Certified Tempest Manufacturer by the Council of Europe and by NATO. Claudio Contini, DigitalPlatforms’ CEO, Marco Braccioli, Vice President for Defense and Cybersecurity, Luigi Ciro De Lisi, Scientific Technical Committee President, through the vary important help of the national expert Natex Massimo Artini, the AIAD Representative in Brussels Andrea Croci and the former Undersecretary of State for Defence Angelo Tofalo, were able to meet the main Italian institutions at NATO, among which Ambassador Marco Peronaci, Head of the Permanent Representation of Italy at NATO, and Vice Admiral Dario Giacomin Italian representative at the Military Committees of NATO and the European Union.


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