Building together competitive advantage

DigitalPlatforms mission is to aggregate SMEs focused on IoT in order to reach the economies of scale and scope required to address large companies’ need for End to End IoT Solutions.
These large business very often require customized solutions designed to meet their specific requirements in one or more segments of value: sensors, gateways and connectivity, platforms and AI.
DigitalPlatforms, directly and via its subsidiaries, Umpi srl, Umpi SI, Gibiesse, Omicron Industriale and System Management:

  • reaches the Business Customers at the highest decision levels and with a relevant and consistent business proposition, which integrate and enhance the “stand alone” value proposition of the operating companies
  • financially supports the growth of the operating companies
  • provides senior management blueprint and guidelines to each operating company

Digitalplatforms Iot Holding – Investment Strategy

business model
  • Numbers above represent Digitalplatforms’ acquisition targets priorities;
  • Current pipeline of targets opportunities is highly dynamic and may vary according to market conditions and
    negotiations terms;
  • A specific focus will be dedicated to scout distressed opportunities.