The DP group has always been sensitive to ESG issues and has therefore decided to undertake a sustainability path to further enhance what already constitutes an integral part of its corporate identity. In fact, the group has decided to position itself on the market not only for the quality of the services and products offered, but also for the attention to the customer and all stakeholders from an ESG perspective, contributing to sustainable development for the planet and people.
To realize this commitment, the Group has decided to implement a sustainability plan for the three-year period 2024-2026, focusing on the following objectives:

• Create a business that has minimal impact on the environment;
• Focus on the growth and well-being of people;
• Guarantee rigor and transparency in its modus operandi towards all stakeholders
• Pursue quality, safety and sustainability of products and services for the benefit of its customers

Furthermore, the Group has decided to draw up its first Sustainability Report on a voluntary basis to communicate its work in 2022 transparently to all stakeholders.