Selta becomes a DP Group’s business unit

We are particularly pleased and proud to be able to contribute to the relaunch of one of the industrial excellences expressed by our country, in a sector with a high technological content, fundamental for the digital transformation and safety of critical infrastructures

Claudio Contini, DigitalPlatforms SpA

Selta becomes a DP Group’s business unit

On 28 September 2021, the Extraordinary Commissioners Giovanni Fiori, Stefano Crespi and Francesco Grieco announced the acquisition by Digital Platforms S.p.A. – a fully Italian-owned industrial group founded by Claudio Contini, Marco Mennella and Marco Ricci – of Selta S.p.A., an Italian company operating in the critical infrastructure and security sector, which was subject to special administration since June 2019.
The acquisition of Selta by Digital Platforms – a company in rapid and constant growth in the IoT sector across various fields, from the production of devices up to command and control systems as well as digital platforms and cybersecurity – is totally aimed to enhance an Italian excellence with an international flair, through a business development strategy and enhancement of the territory and of all the employees and their highly specialized skills.
Claudio Contini has expressed the satisfaction of the whole DP Group for the completion of the acquisition.


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