“We are really proud to have set up Secureware in collaboration with researchers from one of the most important universities in Italy….”

Claudio Contini, DigitalPlatforms' CEO, DigitalPlatforms SpA

Secureware is born

From the union between DigitalPlatforms, BU Defense and Cybersecurity, and Soft Holding Srl, a company set up by researchers from the Federico II University of Naples, Secureware was born.

Secureware, established on November 28, 2022, will create the perfect bridge between University, Research and Industry and it will develop four business lines for the DP group and for the market:
– Support to the current activities of the LVS – Ce.Va Evaluation laboratories and in the future LAP of Digital Platforms;
– Research and Development in the field of Software Engineering for the Cyber world;
– Development of common Offensive Defense capabilities for Enterprise customers and Critical Infrastructures aimed at identifying undetected vulnerabilities;
– Academy – Basic and specialized training for software engineering and vulnerability analysis of the software itself.

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