Cybersecurity: comparison between experts and companies

The ICSA Foundation has organized in partnership with the Centro Alti Studi per la Difesa (CASD) a web conference entitled “Beyond the protection of secrecy: the ICT security certification as a defense tool for the national cyber perimeter”, concerning the reliability criteria, in terms of cyber security, of businesses, companies or any other economic stakeholder, in relation to the State’ security  and the confidential information’ protection.

DP Team, DigitalPlatforms SpA

Cybersecurity: experts and companies compared at the Icsa Foundation web conference

“For the purposes of protecting classified information, concerning the internal and external security of the State – said General Leonardo Tricarico, Icsa Foundation’s president – security certification is certainly an obligatory step for technological choices concerning network architectures, supply chains, security by design in the design and production of new products or new services”.

“The rapid digital transformation, which affects not only defense but also the civil industry – explained Marco Braccioli – co-director of the ICSA Foundation Cybersecurity Area and DigitalPlatforms’ Vp Defense & Cybersecurity – proportionally extends the risk of attack areas edge also to critical infrastructures such as electric smart grids, telecommunications networks, water and gas distribution networks, rail and road transport systems, as well as the system defense infrastructures and processes. For this reason the CyberSecurity’ supervision is not only strategic for the national security, but also represents a concrete opportunity for our industry and national economy development, to generate innovation, to enhance our companies system also in international contexts”.

Claudio Contini, CEO of Digital Platforms Spa, explained that “Dp is an integrated provider of IoT and cybersecurity technologies, entirely Italian, dedicated to the defense and managers of critical infrastructures, capable of creating end-to-end solutions: starting from development, the design and production of sensors and industrial electronics products, passing through command and control systems and technologies, up to digital platforms, system integration for heterogeneous environments, smart grids and cybersecurity. Dp is today a Group consisting of seven entirely Italian companies, with entirely Italian management and employing more than 400 researchers, engineers, developers, program managers, employed in 10 offices located in Italy. The group “invests between 5% and 10% of its turnover in Research and Development activities to support innovation.


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