DigitalPlatform has chosen to support the Live Web Conference “Oltre la tutela del segreto”, a great interest topic about new challenges for cybersecurity.

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The ICSA Foundation organized in partnership with the Centro Alti Studi per la Difesa (CASD), on 1 December 2021, starting at 9.45 am, a web conference entitled “Beyond the protection of secrecy: the ICT security certification as a defense tool for the national cyber perimeter”, concerning the reliability criteria, in terms of cyber security, of businesses, companies or any other economic stakeholder, in relation to the State’ security and the confidential information’ protection.

In the Information Communication Technology sector, membership in international military and civil organizations pushes the players involved to harmonize the regulatory mechanisms and typical practices of each State, so as to be able to present a common and recognized technical-regulatory platform for face the challenges of the future. From this arises the need to transform current national and international legislation into a common, repeatable and measurable language with the aim of facilitating mutual recognition, at interstate level, of the level of safety achieved by a Service / Product / System.

This is the Common Criteria (CC) scope, which are born as a language and methodology for applying security in the IT field. The CEVA / LVS Laboratories are the natural expression of this and they have the task of declining this standard in reality, possibly accompanying producers in the process of securing products following the secure by design approach and the Authority in the task of supervising and selecting the solutions with greater added security value.


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