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CyberSec 2023 è vicina


DP is a main partner of CyberSec2023...... CyberSec 2023 is coming soon The Conference, organized by Cybersecurity Italia, will take place on 1st and 2nd March at 'Palazzo delle Esposizioni - Roma'. Cybersec2023 - New Domains, Hybrid Wars, Cooperation - is now in its second edition. Claudio Contini, [...]

CyberSec 2023 è vicina2023-03-15T12:31:14+00:00

“Uniti verso il successo”: kick off commerciale del Gruppo DP


"A great team, a great Group...." "Uniti verso il successo": DP's commercial Kick off Yesterday at the elegant Empire room of the Radisson blu GHR Hotel in Rome, the first commercial event of the DigitalPlatforms S.p.a. Group was held. An intense and constructive day of discussion and cooperation. [...]

“Uniti verso il successo”: kick off commerciale del Gruppo DP2023-03-15T10:09:36+00:00

DigitalPlatforms incontra la Nato


"DP in Brussels because it has become as Certified Tempest Manufacturer....." DigitalPlatforms meets Nato DigitalPlatforms met with NATO, in order to organize, with the Italian network present in Brussels, a more concrete and constant presence of the Group. The reason is related to the recent recognition of DP [...]

DigitalPlatforms incontra la Nato2023-03-15T10:10:05+00:00

DigitalPlatforms approda a Genova


"Best wishes to Elsa...." DP's new office in Genoa DigitalPlatforms S.p.a opens its north center office in Genoa from 1 February 2023. The Cyber DP Compound (Defense and Cybersecurity), Aida46 (Artificial Intelligence for Cyber Intelligence) and SecureWare (Offensive Defense and Adversary Emulation) will be led by Elsa Capossele [...]

DigitalPlatforms approda a Genova2023-02-13T14:20:53+00:00

Una nuova acquisizione per il Gruppo DP: DataBooz Italia


"Also this latest acquisition of DataBooz Italia confirms the DP Group's constant commitment to providing secure and controlled IoT and Digital solutions and services to the managers of critical infrastructures in our country...." A new acquisition for the DP Group: DataBooz Italia DigitalPlatforms S.p.a announces that the subsidiary [...]

Una nuova acquisizione per il Gruppo DP: DataBooz Italia2022-12-21T15:24:27+00:00

DigitalPlatforms su


"The Tempest commitment of Digitalplatforms has recently been recognized internationally by two institutions such as NATO and the Council of the European Union..." DigitalPlatforms on DigitalPlatforms S.p.a on Formiche with the article by Marco Braccioli, DP Group's Vice President Defense & Cybersecurity, after the ICSA Conference "The [...]

DigitalPlatforms su Formiche.net2022-12-16T14:24:38+00:00

E' nata Secureware


"We are really proud to have set up Secureware in collaboration with researchers from one of the most important universities in Italy...." Secureware is born From the union between DigitalPlatforms, BU Defense and Cybersecurity, and Soft Holding Srl, a company set up by researchers from the Federico II [...]

E' nata Secureware2022-12-07T08:41:42+00:00

The defence of digital and electromagnetic sovereignty – TEMPEST technology


"Great interest in the conference "The defense of digital and electromagnetic sovereignty"...." The defence of digital and electromagnetic sovereignty - TEMPEST technology DigitalPlatforms S.p.a was proud and happy to support the conference organized by the ICSA Foundation entitled "The defense of digital and electromagnetic sovereignty - TEMPEST technology [...]

The defence of digital and electromagnetic sovereignty – TEMPEST technology2022-12-07T08:20:59+00:00

DP su Report Difesa


"Digitalplatforms: the Italian Group enters the NATO and Council of Europe list of Tempest producers...." DP on Report Difesa Today DP on for the news of the company's entry in the list of NATO and the Council of Europe of tempest producers! is a new information [...]

DP su Report Difesa2022-12-06T16:01:28+00:00
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