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GIBIESSE was founded in 1994 for the production of electronic boards featuring high quality standards, thanks to the application of increasingly reliable production devices.
In particular, it designs and manufactures microprocessor and power logic boards for the electromedical, oil and automotive equipment sectors as
well as for industrial automation systems in general. This working method makes GIBIESSE a reliable partner for successful collaborations with companies who intend to approach the market with high technological quality and reliability products.

EL&TEC srl deals with the production and testing of electronic boards and equipment. The company proposes itself as a qualified technological partner for the customer, able to offer skills and experience from production to final testing, making itself available to the customer for the problems resolution related to the production of its own products. The mission is to support every industrial sector, from design to the production of prototypes and pre-series up to large series, optimizing every resource to achieve the final goal. EL&TEC is quality, flexibility and innovation. The quality standard reached today is in compliance with ISO 9001 – VISION 2000 standards. Thanks to the adoption of an innovative technical-commercial strategy, EL & TEC has become a regular supplier for small and large industrial companies in the most varied sectors.

Omicron Industriale S.r.l. designs and produces, in ISO 9001 regime, the Energy Stations for Telecommunications equipment (fixed and mobile networks). Through constant investments in research and development for cutting-edge technology, Omicron Industriale S.r.l. can cover, in the energy field, the full range of needs for telecommunications and broadcast equipment, allowing rapid and technologically advanced solutions geared to the specific needs of the customer. With over forty years of experience as a partner and reliable supplier for the most important Italian telecommunication operators, Omicron Industriale S.r.l. has achieved a leading position in the Italian market.

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Smart city

UMPI is a company with completely Italian technology that manufactures intelligent products and systems based on powerline and radio wireless technology for outdoor and indoor applications. Umpi solutions, from the remote management of public and private lighting to the infrastructure monitoring, enable companies and public entities to save energy, preserve the environment, reduce management costs, increase efficiency and introduce new services and business models.
Umpi’s mission is to develop IOT services and applications for the Smart City, by transforming the external lighting network into an intelligent network.

DP Innovation (DPI) is the new business unit of the DigitalPlatforms Group, focused on product and service technological innovation to support all the companies / business units of the Group. The mission of the new BU will be to carry out a liaison function within the Group for transversal technological issues and skills and to offer customers a cutting-edge technical and technological consultancy service.

DPI, made up of highly specialized personnel in the development of IoT products, will guide the companies of the Group and its customers in the development and pre-series of high-tech products, in particular in the Smart Cities, Smart Building, Infrastructure monitoring, Energy, Cybersecurity sectors. DP Innovation’s activities can count on skills matured over years, in the areas of Marketing, Design, Engineering development, Algorithmic, Digital development, Prototyping, Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing.

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System management
System management

System Management is an IT company qualified in Business Consulting, ICT Integration, Software Solution & Digital Experience Design, Big Data Analysis, Security. SM operates with four different business lines (LOBs): Professional Services, ICT/IOT infrastructures, Big Data Analytics and Information Systems, SaaS
services and UX. With its Know-how and many years of experiences System Management offer solutions with added value for its Clients’ business. System Management assists the business processes definition and organization, providing integration and management consulting services.

System Management S.p.A. has acquired 75% of the company Databooz Italia Srl, based in Naples.

With this acquisition, System Management, which in the DigitalPlatforms group takes care of the software components development and integrations with information systems, consolidates its presence on the market for Business Intelligence solutions.

Thanks to this acquisition, System Management and DigitalPlatforms further consolidate their presence in Naples by establishing, also in terms of size, an IT competence pole that will be able to provide integrated solutions to customers in the energy, utilities and transport sectors.

Databooz Italia is a company with vertical skills in support of processes and methods for collecting, storing and analyzing data drawn from company technological and management systems with the objective of monitoring its activities, forecasting its developments and improving its performance.

DigitalPlatforms is one of the world’s leading interpreters of the digitalization of electricity grids and one of the main players in Europe for the implementation of Smart Grid projects. Particularly DP develops:

  • mission critical systems for monitoring, remote control and business continuity of networks in the energy and transport sectors;
  • automation and smart grid systems for the optimized management of electrical networks, from generation plants to transmission and distribution; electrical network protection systems;
  • service telecommunications solution for energy and transport networks.

DP is also one of the major Italian producers of platforms for UCC, the SmartWorking, Virtual IP-PBX solutions for public and private clouds and application suites for fixed-mobile convergence including mobile apps. The DP portfolio also includes TLC infrastructures equipment which, over the years, have supported the evolution of telecommunications networks and, still today, constitute one of the main enabling factors for their further evolution and transformation.

DigitalPlatforms designs and implements solutions for classified areas of Defense and Organization that manage critical infrastructures for which a high level of IT and OT security is required.

Digital Platforms is a Vendor Tempest certified by both NATO and the Council of Europe. It is a provider of secure and classified military networks. It has assessment laboratories in preparation for CE.VA and LVS certification, in the Military and Civil fields and is a candidate to become LAP for the ACN. In the CyberSec field it can support, with proprietary products and solutions, customers on Offensive Security, IoT Cybersec, Siem, Risk Assessment Mapping, SIM 1 & 2 Compliance, Supply Chain Risk Evaluation, Antiramsomware, Training & Gamification, Awarness and Hardening.

From the joint venture between DigitalPlatforms S.p.A. and ASC27 S.r.l AIDA46 was born, a new high tech company that, thanks to the support of Artificial Intelligence, aims at increasingly advanced solutions in the CyberSecurity sector for critical infrastructures.

DigitalPlatforms, through AIDA46, will develop solutions and products for CyberSec, Cyber Intelligence, Smart / Safe Cities, Critical Infrastructures aimed in particular at companies and entities that are part of the national security perimeter and the defense world of Italy and NATO.

The new company will make use of proprietary technologies, the result of proven CyberSec skills, and the use of the most innovative systems related to Artificial Intelligence. The production of the software is 100% Made in Italy and it derives from the experience of a work team from 20 years of activity in the sector.

From the union between DigitalPlatforms, BU Defense and Cybersecurity, and Soft Holding Srl, a company set up by researchers from the Federico II University of Naples, Secureware was born.

Secureware, established on November 28, 2022, will create the perfect bridge between University, Research and Industry and it will develop four business lines for the DP group and for the market:

  • Support to the current activities of the LVS – Ce.Va Evaluation laboratories and in the future LAP of Digital Platforms;
  • Research and Development in the field of Software Engineering for the Cyber world;
  • Development of common Offensive Defense capabilities for Enterprise customers and Critical Infrastructures aimed at identifying undetected vulnerabilities;
  • Academy – Basic and specialized training for software engineering and vulnerability analysis of the software itself.

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