The Group believes that its sustainability path must be implemented through good governance that guarantees transparency, rigor and attention to ESG issues. For this reason DigitalPlatforms has its own Code of Ethics adopted at group level within which there are indications for making the principles of good governance concrete.
The Group is aware of the importance of being compliant with current regulations and of the attention to be paid to the important issue of anti-corruption to which, due to its work, it is very sensitive and attentive. In fact, Digital Platforms is certified according to the UNI ISO 37001:2016 standard and has defined a specific anti-corruption policy.
It is believed that good governance is necessary for sustainable growth that respects the environment and society through the continuous monitoring of the set objectives and the definition of future objectives. All the best practices, policies and governance procedures of the individual companies will be extended to the entire Group over the 2024-2026 plan period, in order to create a common governance and culture.

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