Misinformation, Ddos attacks, various types of Apt, Ransomware, Malware, indiscriminate and asymmetric attacks on the enemy’s critical infrastructures are all elements to condition and destabilize a country.…..”

DP's Team

DigitalPlatforms S.p.a at the conference “Cyber Arsenal: the new reality in hybrid conflicts”

the Rome Chapter of AFCEA International decided to organize a conference aimed at establishing what is the state of the art in Italy for National Cyber ​​Defense, what are the cornerstones of Digital Defense and identify the industrial ecosystem to service of our armed forces, but more generally of all sectors of our country. The speed and the harmfulness of the threats impose a speed and flexibility that probably also require a greater attention of the “procurement” towards those SMEs and innovative start-ups that can constitute a decisive response against the adversary blocks. Today our Marco Braccioli, Vice President Defense & Cybersecurity of DigitalPlatforms S.p.a and member of CTS AFCEA Rome, was the moderator of the round table on the Cyber ​​Arsenal with the two most important industrial stakeholders of the Italian Cybersecurity, Elettronica Group represented by Domitilla Benigni and Emanuele Galtieri, Leonardo represented by Gennaro Faella, with Gen Angelo Gervasio, director of Teledife, Alberto Manfredi, president of CSA Italy and Walter Quattrociocchi of Sapienza University of Rome.
During the conference, our Claudio Santo Malavenda, Head of Sales Engineering Defense presented the DigitalPlatforms S.p.a solutions for hybrid defense.


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