“The recent hybrid conflicts (Iran vs USA and Russia vs Ukraine) have certainly made clear to us the importance of having an arsenal of digital “weapons” to prepare, conduct a hybrid conflict, to destabilize the enemy or respond according to one’s own cyber scheme. defense and counterattack” ….

DP Group's Team, DigitalPlatforms SpA

Cyber Arsenal: the new reality in hybrid conflicts

On 13 September DigitalPlatforms S.p.a will participate in the conference, organized by AFCEA Rome, “Cyber Arsenal: the new reality in hybrid conflicts”. The conference aims to share the state of the art in Italy for National Cyber Defense, which are the cornerstones of Digital Defense and identify the industrial ecosystem to service of our armed forces, but more generally of all sectors of our country.

Marco Braccioli, DigitalPlatforms’ Vice President Defence & Cyber Security, as a member of the CTS Afcea Roma, will be the moderator of the Institutional Cyber Round Table during the conference.

Claudio Malavenda, Head of Sales Engineering in Defence Area at DigitalPlatforms, will speak at the conference on “CEMA capabilities for defense against hybrid threats”, illustrating the CEMA capabilities (cyber electromagnetic activities ) of the DP Group ranging from Tempest solutions to CyberSecurity and Cyber Intelligence solutions.

For more information and registration, see the website www.afcearoma.it


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