….. this world is changing very quickly creating opportunities for risk and for this reason the Cybersecurity is very important … the objects that populate our lives must be designed in a robust way so that they can resist the attacks that can came from external environments …..

Claudio Contini, Author

Claudio Contini, DP Group’s CEO, at Key Energy 2021

Claudio Contini, DP Group’s CEO, during Key Energy 2021 presented the mission of the DP group and the companies that are part of it.

DP is a full liner player, present in all the elements necessary to create end-to-end IoT solutions, starting from the development, design and production of sensors and industrial electronics products, passing through command and control systems and technologies, up to IoT platforms, system integration for heterogeneous environments and cybersecurity.

DP is one of the Italian leaders in Cybersecurity and is able to guarantee a future development of the digital transformations that is safe, robust and resilient to protect our lives, our work environments and our industries.


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