“We are working on a path that will allow us to become a sustainable company, probably as early as 2023…”

Claudio Contini, DP Group's CEO, DigitalPlatforms SpA

Claudio Contini and Marco Braccioli interviewed by Affaritaliani.it

Claudio Contini and Marco Braccioli, respectively CEO and VP Defense & Cybersecurity of the DigitalPlatforms S.p.a Group, were interviewed by Affaritaliani.it at Key Energy – ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP 2022, an event that fosters dialogue between the sector’s players on the issue of sustainability and the energy transition.

Claudio said that sustainability plays a fundamental role for the Group, an aspect that is emphasized by the innovative tools of UMPI, whose mission involves respecting the environment to help create a better world through the use of intelligent systems.

Marco talked about Aida46, the new joint venture between DigitalPlatforms and ASC27. Thanks to the support of Artificial Intelligence and through proprietary technologies, the new joint venture aims to develop increasingly advanced solutions in the cybersecurity sector for critical infrastructures, for companies, defense and the public administration.

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