In a continuously evolving world that is increasingly attentive and committed to achieving sustainable development to guarantee a better future on this planet, the concept of a profit-oriented business is now outdated and not suited to the needs of today’s society. Businesses are important not only for the production of well-being and wealth, but also of social and environmental balance.
From December 2023 DP S.p.a. has decided to become a Benefit Company to internalize commitments of common benefit into its statute and mission, leaving them as a legacy to future generations not only of managers and employees, but also of the local community.
The adoption of the status of “Benefit Company” formally establishes the company’s commitment to pursuing common good objectives, operating in a responsible, sustainable and transparent manner towards the environment, employees and collaborators, community and territory. DP S.p.a. thus joins a community of over 3000 Benefit Companies already present in Italy.
Benefit companies in carrying out an economic activity, in addition to the aim of making a profit, pursue one or more purposes of common benefit, operating in a responsible, sustainable and transparent way towards people, communities, territories and the environment, and others stakeholders. They were introduced in Italy, the first country in Europe, with law 208/2015.

In particular, DP S.p.a. undertakes to:

Guarantee the maximum satisfaction of its customers through the offer and guarantee of the highest quality products, the security and privacy of the data managed and the adoption of supply chain evaluation criteria from an ESG perspective;

Create an inclusive, safe and conducive work environment for the personal and professional development of its employees, maintaining working flexibility and work-life balance tools, ensuring continuous training and growth opportunities, fairness in remuneration and promotion policies and disseminating the culture of sustainability;

Maintain its business model, adopting policies for the responsible use of natural resources through the reduction of pollution and consumption.

These purposes of common benefit will be part of DP’s choices and modus operandi in order to contribute to the creation of a better and more sustainable future, pursuing the 3P paradigm: People, Planet & Profit.