DigitalPlatforms is a young rapidly growing Italian group born to offer large companies and administrations end-to-end solutions based on the Internet of Things, starting from sensors to digital platforms, applications and security.

Today Digital Platforms group includes:

DigitalPlatforms is owned by the variable capital investment company LaCambre (“LC”) focused on Alternative Investments which present a return on investment higher than that offered by a traditional investment fund. An excellent opportunity was identified in the Internet of Things sector in Italy after a thorough market analysis conducted by LC. A reserved SICAV investment fund based in Luxembourg “LaCambre Sicav” was therefore created in order to purchase and integrate SMEs that already operate in the IoT market with the aim of creating the first IoT player in the EU.


ict smart city

Our vision

The transition to electric mobility, buildings and cities transformation into interconnected systems, energy and environmental sustainability challenges require companies and administrations to change the way they offer their services to customers and citizens.

DigitalPlatforms brings together Italian SMEs capable of designing and manufacturing the IoT products and technologies to offer companies and administrations integrated and functional solutions, designed on the specific needs of each customer.

To date, Umpi, Gibiesse, EL&Tec, Omicron Industriale, System Management, DP Innovation, DP infrastructure Selta BU, DP defence & cybersecurity and Aida are already part of DigitalPlatforms, and others are joining the Group so that it is increasingly the partner of companies for innovation and technological transformation enabled by the IoT.

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